Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok, so it has been a long time since I have blogged. A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same. I am in a new place, with new people, experiencing new things everyday. Experiencing God in new ways all the time. I am a full time student of Spring Arbor University now. I love here, it has challenged me more then I have ever been challenged in my life. In good ways, and in ways that I care not to share. One way I have been challenged is in the way I connect with people. In general, and on a more personal level. I am learned a lot about myself coming here. That I am a very strong person, though I have my moments of weakness. Chapel here is manditory but I dont mind, I LOVE IT, every time. The band takes us into the throne room of God. The speaker challenges us spiritually. To remain hungry, and seeking God.
I have become a more patiant person since coming here. Because sometimes God does not answer in bright shining lights like we expect, sometimes we have to wait on the Lord, for Him to come to us. Being quiet and just waiting. That is one of the hardest things for me, to just wait on an answer. I have been in that situation more then once since being here. I have had to wait on the Lord, not knowing what His answer was going to be. Yet knowing that it was going to be the right answer no matter what it was. Just resting in that had to and has to be enough. Know full well, God will come. If He is being silent for some reason, He is probably waiting for you to completely 100% trust Him, knowing He knows best.
What does it look to trust God completely? Does it mean just saying it with ones mouth? Or should that surrender be evident to ALL? I believe TRUSTING God with everything in you takes work, it takes daily laying your life before God, and saying, DONT ALLOW ME to pick up any of this, I know its in your hands, I have to trust and wait expectantly to see where You are going to lead me. Ok and another that needs to be understood here, is that full surrender is not easy, its not something you can do over night, something that you can do flippantly. It is making yourself a "slave" to Christ, to spread HIS love an mercy to this dying world, knowing though where we came from, so we dont get side tracked and try to start running our own lives again. That is why it is a daily thing, to lay your life on the alter of God, and know that you are in His control. NO you are not a puppet, it is a choice, yes. But, if you are fully surrendered to God, you will allow HIM to rule you. and to guide you, and to divinely appoint meeting in your life, with people that need a touch from Him.