Saturday, May 15, 2010

I know I have not posted in a long time, I have been so busy with work, and getting ready for my graduation and my open house that I have not been able to find the time. After graduation I should get more consistent. :] But I have a poem that I absolutely love that I want to share.

The Summit.

The mountain before me was enormous.
I began my climb steady and sure. Soon i
ran into obstacles. Some places I slid back
down the mountain, almost to my death.
The mountain seemed to be winning.

I could feel the force of the mountain trying
to keep me from my goal. But I fought my
way through. Finally the Summit was in view.

It was then the climb became the most
difficult. The steep loose rocks made the
final journey hopeless. I slid down the
rocks. I was hurt, tired and had lost hope.

Suddenly, I felt a force touching me. I turned
quickly and there I saw Him. It was Jesus!
I grabbed both His hands and knelt at His feet.
He said to me, "Oh my child, I've been reaching
out to you your entire journey but you pushed
me away and went your own direction."
As I cried at my Savior's feet, He lifted me up.
We drifted off the mountain.

Instead of rising to the top of the summit,
we glided down to the base of the mountain.
Jesus said to me, "If you said to this mountain
be cast into the sea and do not doubt in your
heart is shall be done." I stood there looking at
the mountain. It was an enormous towering obstacle.
I asked myself, "Did I have enough faith?"
Then I looked at Jesus. Two eyes looked
back at me who had been where I was before.
He had felt feat and loneliness. He had been
hurt and unloved by others. With my eyes
still focused on Jesus, I said in a loud voice,

The earth began to shake furiously. Rocks and
boulders tumbled to my feet. Something of
incredible size and power was happening
behind me, but I kept my focus on the Savior.
I heard water and waves splashing up.

Then there was a great calm. I stood there
looking in the eyes of Jesus. Love, Joy and
Peace came over me that I could not explain.
I did not have to look back anymore.

Monday, May 3, 2010


In this blog I am going to attempt to show you the God I worship and love, by showing you who I know Him to be.
First I need to tell you what I believe. I believe that God is the only supreme that has ever been and ever will be! He is sovereign over all, at all times. He is Lord, Christ, Jehovah, Master, Ruler, Elohim, Provider, Sustainer, Jealous... He is an Creator of ALL, all Loving, all Powerful, Living God, all Merciful, all Mighty, all Just, all Compassionate, Unequaled, Supplier of my EVERY NEED, Enduring through the Ages, all Consuming, all Great, Peace Giver, Everlasting, Healer, in Control, Over all, Covenant Maker, Covenant Keeper, Awesome, all Sufficient, Perfect, all Knowing, and Omnipresent among man other attributes that could describe this man that is completely in charge of my life! But most of all, to me He is a PERSONAL God, who is involved in my life, and is alive and at work in the world around me. If you just look around you, you will see His hand is all of Creation. I call myself a Christ follower, and I want to walk so closely in the footsteps of my Father that I am covered in the dust that His sandals kick up.
The next thing I need to address is faith and what exactly I believe it is. Faith is believing that which you cant see. Taking that a step further and saying that faith in God is-running hard after God without knowing where you are going, without having it all figured out, and trusting that God will lead you where He wants you, and He will put people in your life to challenge you and to spur you on toward the goal for which you are reaching, that is Eternal Life.
God does not tolerate sin of any kind. God is perfect and demands that His followers strive to be like Him. He sent us the greatest example, in the form of a man, that is His son Jesus Christ. God sent His son to this earth to show the world He cared and wanted to spend an eternity with us. God created us, not because He needs us, but because He wanted us to be part of the story He is writing, be part of the master piece He is painting. God created us so we could be with Him and love Him, and strive to show this lost world His Love. And the main reason God sent His only son was because He knew that when people are left to their of choices, and to their own reason, and frame of mind, they will choose sin over Him, that is the way humans are. Humans tend to reject that which is most dear. And because God knew that about humans, he sent His son to save those who fall into sin, because He could not stand the thought of an eternity without you and with me. God sent Jesus Christ to be the attoning sacrifice to save us, and redeem us, and lead us back to Himself. To be saved all a person has to do is believe God is who He says He is, believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, and confess with your mouth that Christ is Lord, and surrender everything you have to Him, and live your life taking every step trying to line up with Christ's.
However, there are some people in this world that will refuse Gods amazing gift. And because God is all Loving and all Just, He can not leave sin unpunished. So that is why Hell exists, because God is so loving that he could not let unpunished sin into His presence. So the God-rejectors are cast into an eternally burning lake to burn for all of eternity. BUT there is a way to escape that, all you have to do is accept the free gift God gave, and live your life for Him, and spend eternity in Heaven with Him, in His presence.
God gave us an amazing gift, and He has sent us with this charge-go and spread the truth of Gods word to the ends of the earth! To every every tribe, every tongue, every nation. Love God so God can fill you with His abounding Love, so we can in turn love people the way God loves people. So I leave you with this question... what are you doing with the gift God has so graciously given you? and who are you loving with the love of Christ today?