Saturday, May 15, 2010

I know I have not posted in a long time, I have been so busy with work, and getting ready for my graduation and my open house that I have not been able to find the time. After graduation I should get more consistent. :] But I have a poem that I absolutely love that I want to share.

The Summit.

The mountain before me was enormous.
I began my climb steady and sure. Soon i
ran into obstacles. Some places I slid back
down the mountain, almost to my death.
The mountain seemed to be winning.

I could feel the force of the mountain trying
to keep me from my goal. But I fought my
way through. Finally the Summit was in view.

It was then the climb became the most
difficult. The steep loose rocks made the
final journey hopeless. I slid down the
rocks. I was hurt, tired and had lost hope.

Suddenly, I felt a force touching me. I turned
quickly and there I saw Him. It was Jesus!
I grabbed both His hands and knelt at His feet.
He said to me, "Oh my child, I've been reaching
out to you your entire journey but you pushed
me away and went your own direction."
As I cried at my Savior's feet, He lifted me up.
We drifted off the mountain.

Instead of rising to the top of the summit,
we glided down to the base of the mountain.
Jesus said to me, "If you said to this mountain
be cast into the sea and do not doubt in your
heart is shall be done." I stood there looking at
the mountain. It was an enormous towering obstacle.
I asked myself, "Did I have enough faith?"
Then I looked at Jesus. Two eyes looked
back at me who had been where I was before.
He had felt feat and loneliness. He had been
hurt and unloved by others. With my eyes
still focused on Jesus, I said in a loud voice,

The earth began to shake furiously. Rocks and
boulders tumbled to my feet. Something of
incredible size and power was happening
behind me, but I kept my focus on the Savior.
I heard water and waves splashing up.

Then there was a great calm. I stood there
looking in the eyes of Jesus. Love, Joy and
Peace came over me that I could not explain.
I did not have to look back anymore.

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