Friday, April 20, 2012

What is worth fighting for?

I have decided I am going to try to start blogging again, since I will have more time on my hands. Tonight I am going to blog about something that I feel is very important something that I think everyone should sit down and seriously consider; that is, what do you consider something that is worth fighting for? When I say fighting I mean standing up for to the end, whether you are made fun of, scoffed at, ridiculed or otherwise. There has to be fundamental truths that as humans you hold to be of very high value, high enough that you would lay down your life for it.

For me one of those things is the African people. Tonight I did something that may have been a little risky, maybe slightly irresponsible... but there are children in Africa who are loosing their childhood because of a monster named Joseph Kony. When looking at the fact that he has claimed the lives of more Africans that you can count in a single setting, it should become very clear that he needs to be stopped. Not only does he need to be stopped, but it will take the world uniting around a cause in order to bring a stop to the terror he is inflicting on countless African people.

Not only will I stand up against people like Joseph Kony, I will stand up against people right here in my own town, people that think they can tell me what to believe and when to believe it. That is simply not that case, I am so sorry, I am a very independent, strong willed, stubborn (Matt will attest to that) person, I am not easily swayed to believe anything I hear.

There are some things in life that you have to take a stance on and stick to it no matter what happens no matter how much it hurts no matter who thinks that you are wrong. Another thing that I will stick to till the end is the sanctity of human life. I believe that under NO circumstances is it ok to have an abortion. I know the argument that it is ok if there is going to be problems with the baby, or if it was the result of a rape or the list of excuses goes on. I do not believe there is any reason that is acceptable. I believe that from the point of conception it is a human being, the DNA is constructed and that cell is a living human, microscopic as it may be, it is still a human. Now, I am not saying that you are dammed to hell if you have had an abortion in the past, there is deffinatly healing and restoration of the soul that can only come though God, but it can come to anyone who it willing to accept it.

Which leads me to another thing I will stand firm on till the end. That is the one I call Abbah Father. The one I can Lord. The one I call Redeemer. The one I call Friend. He has always been there for me, and will always be there for me no matter what storms life brings, my God will be there through them all. Not only do I know He is right there with me through everything I go though, I know that if he brings be to a trial that seems to big for me to handle, it probably is, He is just itching to help me get though it. I have seen my God come through to many times not to trust that He will come though again. I believe that if He said He would, He will come through every time.

Looking back at the past 2 years of my life I have seen God come through so many times, I cant even count anymore. One of the first and most memorable is when He told me to God to Spring Arbor. I was terrified why He was calling me to do that, but I stepped out in faith and took a step that I never would have taken on my own, and because of that, I have found the true passion of my life; that is to see people transformed by the amazing God I serve. Shortly after that God showed me the ultimate goal and purpose of my life; to start a non-profit organization that connect churches, families and individuals around the world in order to form a partnership that will strengthen the Kingdom of God and bring about the purposes of God.

I have had a lot of people tell me that it is impossible to start a non-profit being where I am in life, and ask me why I am wasting my time my talents, my passions, my money and my ambition on something so worthless.... and all I want to say to those people, if you are reading this that is AWESOME... I want to tell them, "You have not been there with me, face down on the ground eyes red from crying with a deadline looming less than 12 hours away... in that moment wondering why God brought you that far to walk away... and getting the news the next day after a sleepless night that GOD CAME THROUGH.... yet again, the God I serve is bigger than the problem I am facing." I have seen my God come through so many times, not only in my life, but also in the lives of countless people around me, right when they were about to throw in the towel, God showed up to change to story, change the plan and change the people that are involved in the plan, to spark a new hope and a new passion within them.

After seeing the way that MY GOD can handle situations why would I not want to choose to follow Him, and see where the two of us can go. Even if my plan and my dream is a little out there it is better to be sticking with God and have people look at you like you are absolutely insane that to stick to your own plan and end up having the God of the universe look at you like you are absolutely insane and condemn you to eternal punishment because you chose your own plan instead of the one that He had for you.

I think that is all for now, it is late, I am tired, I have to work tomorrow... so it is now bed time. I will try to blog again soon.

In Christ,

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