Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When it comes time to run... are you ready?

Sometimes I wonder why God calls me to do things, that seem SOO hard, and things that I just cant seem to get through? Why me, I find myself often ask myself. Why not someone with more faith? Then I remember that God wants to use me right where I am. He can take what I have to give, and multiply it for His glory. And in the times when I feel inadequate or like what I have to give is not enough, are the times I need to remember that God called me to do hard things in spite of everything I screwed up on, and in spite of the fact that I really have nothing to bring to the table, God called me anyways. He called me to give what I had.
Another thing I need to always remember is that if God calls me to do something He will equip me to do it. Even if it seems impossible. And if it does seem impossible that is probably because it is impossible by human standards. BUT where my strength and my ability to do what I am called to do ends, is where Gods begins, and where God picks up the slack and helps me get where I need to be. When I am feeling like I cant take another step, like everything is falling apart, in the midst of that is when I need to call out to God, and tell Him everything that is going on in my life, and everything that i feel I cant do, and ask for help. Because He is there to help, all I have to do is ask... isnt that amazing, I think it is incredible that God is right with me all the time, and when I cant go on, He will carry me the rest of the way.
Another thing I need to be keenly aware of is that as soon as I make the decision to follow Jesus with everything in me, that is when Satan starts to attack, and HARD. When we step out in faith relying solely on God for direction that is when Satan will send his strongest most damaging forces to attack me, because Satan wants nothing more then to stop me dead in my tracks, because I am reaching people with the Love and Acceptance of Jesus Christ. Satan does not want the Word of God spread. He wants to take down as many Christians as he can, and if he can make me believe that what God is calling me to do is impossible, he wins. So knowing that Satan wants to stop me, is the strongest tool I have against him. Because I am equipped with the Holy Spirit I can ward off his deadly attacks, with scripture, or just by calling on God for help, God will help me! He has promised me that. I am never alone, in anything I do, God is always RIGHT with me. Every breath I breathe, every step I take, every action I make, He is right there. If I need Him all I have to do is talk to Him. He is ever-present, and available, in His power I can do all that He has called me to do because if He called me to it, He will help me through it!
I serve a POWERFUL, LOVING, ACCEPTING, MERCIFUL God. How about you???

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