Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At times you must go against the crowd....

Sometimes God calls us do things that in the eyes of mere men look foolish, because they appear from the outside that there is no way they could ever work. However, sometimes God calls us to do things like that to show how powerful He really is. He is in the business of taking things that seem impossible to man and making them possible through his power.
There are things in my life that seem like there is no way I can do them. I talk to God about them and you know what he tells me? He tells me that I am right there is no way I can do them.... in my own power, BUT I can do them with HIS help, and that he would LOVE to help be through it. Because another thing I know to be true about my God is that He will never bring you to something that he wont help you THROUGH. If there is another thing I know about my God it is that He can move mountians that stand in the path of His followers if He wants to.
The mountain in my life right now is having an indescribable desire to go to Africa. And sometimes when I mention wanting to go to Africa, people start to tell me all the reasons why it wont work, and I just have to remind myself that if God gave me this desire He is going to help me achieve it and if I have God on my side nothing can stop me.

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