Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life as we know it...

As I sit here listening to a family bicker, I cant help but wonder, is this how God made us to be...get married start to hate your spouse and children and then die... I beg the question "Is this all God made us to be? Or is there more out there? Something we are missing?" There is something I know to be true about my God, and it is that he made us to live life abundantly, and live it in a way that pleases him. And He created marriage to be a reflection of His Love for the church, so when we fight and bicker about little things that cant please God anymore than it makes us feel like crap.

So if it is true that God made marriage to be a reflection of His abundant Love for us, then we can conclude that the love with which we are to share with our spouse should be an unconditional abundant love that has no limits. An unconditional love says, "I may not agree with what you are doing, or how you are going about that, but I am going to love you anyways, even if you dont love me I will love you. Even if you hurt me I will still love you." That is the love with which we are called to love each other, is it not? If we are to mimic what we saw in Christs example, then we can logically conclude that this is in fact that love that we are called to love with. And not just family, we are called to LOVE everyone we come in contact with, everyone we pass in the grocery store. EVERYONE period. You never know what the impact of a smile could be? or the impact of a simple "hi". You could change someones eternity, you could plant a seed and then someone else will come water it... and it will grow until the person you originally touched cant deny that love has changed them!

So.... I beg the question.... what would it look like if we loved with this love? the love that says you dont love me, you dont care about me, but I am going to LOVE you unconditionally anyways! What would that look like? What would it make our relationships look like? What would it make our towns look like? If the people that claim to be followers of Christ started acting like they were instead of just saying it with their mouth. What if we actually fed the hungry, and sought out the lost, hurting or alone? Do you think we could impact our communities? What if this nation that claims to be "Christian" would become awakened and start living lives that would reflect the faith they profess?? What would that look like? Do you think we could change this country? Do you think we could change this hemiphere? Do you think we could impact our globe??? I do! I think that if the church would just start acting like the church we could change the world, one heart at a time! We could start a fire that no man can put out! We could spark a revival! All the way to the smallest countries, and villages in Africa, Asia, India, China!

What if we stood up unashamed? What would that look like? If we wholheartedly followed Christ, and the only words from our mouths were "Yes LORD, where you lead I will follow?" Does that concept scare you? Cause it scares me!! But if need be I will DO IT AFRAID! I am not going to let fear stop me! The path to you greatest potential is often STRAIGHT THROUGH your greatest fear.-Craig Groechel. The second we realize this and take hold of it will be the point when we start toward our purpose in life! Its time that the church gave their lives to God, indevidually, and as a whole and let God lead thier steps, and whereever God calls you go! and you answer "Yes Lord!!"

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